Not-so-guilty pleasures.

February 23, 2012

I went to Publix today during my lunch break and ended up purchasing the new issue of Vogue featuring the beautiful Adele, lots of pineapple, a bag of apples and two bottles of my favorite sparkling water. I guess they don't really count as "guilty pleasures" if they're not bad for you, right? I could eat pineapple all day LONG! I also love buying the bags of cut up apples and just munching on them throughout the day. Sliced apples are also one of Riley's favorite treats, so luckily we always have lots of apples on hand at home.

What are some of your guilty or not-so-guilty pleasures??

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  1. i can NOT say no to a (legit, from scratch) croissant... that buttery, flaky goodness always seems to lure me in.
    also, the party rock anthem.


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