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February 17, 2012

Raise your hand if you're happy it's Friday! Cause I am personally THRILLED that this week is over with. It's been a long and tiring week for me personally and I am just glad that I get to some-what sleep in tomorrow and enjoy my weekend!

Here are some things that I enjoyed finding this week:

Matt Wisniewski's photographs- aren't these beautiful?


Hannah and Jesse's sweet elopement video; it's sweet, touching, adorable and romantic (via The Loveliest Day) 


This really cute DIY idea for painting a lamp base with paint markers (via Better Homes and Gardens)


The NestRest from Dedon- how cool is this?!


These new beautiful ink and vellum pieces by Audrey Kawasaki


This beautiful 1954 Christian Dior dress (found via Tumblr)


These gorgeous hand painted ceramics by Yevgenia (via Design*Sponge)


This amazing photoshoot at the "Up" house, all "Up" themed and they even dressed like Carl and Ellie!


This photograph (found via Tumblr)


This amazing Prada dress that Leighton Meester wore


This tattoo of a watercolor painting by Marion Bolognesi, that is of Bjork's eyes

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  1. that Dior dress is amazing! so fabulous.

    And I love the lamp base done with sharpie. i have to find an old lamp to do that to.


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