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February 10, 2012

Tuesday is Valentine's Day and like always, the Internet is inundated with Valentine's Day products/ideas/inspiration, so I bring you a third Valentine's Day themed post. Are you celebrating Valentine's Day this year? Mike and I don't ever make a point of celebrating it to be honest. We feel like every day should be Valentine's Day in a relationship and you shouldn't be "forced" to be romantic just because society tells you that you should. I can honestly say I got very lucky in the boyfriend department because every day is like Valentine's Day for us. We're not perfect and we have our not-so-good days, but for the most part, things couldn't be more wonderful. You just have to make a point of making the every day, little things special and important. For those of you that are celebrating next week, I wish you a really happy day and for those of you that aren't, happy Tuesday ;) 

I'm dying over this heart-shaped padlock from The Lonely Heart's Etsy shop

This adorable miniature glass anatomical heart from Kiva Ford's Etsy shop

This statement (image found on Tumblr


This cute tutorial on how to make your own heart sweater (via A Beautiful Mess)

These really neat painted lockets from Khara Ledonne


This statement (found on Tumblr)


This gorgeous print by Paul Octavious (via Design Sponge)


This photograph (found on Tumblr)


This journal page (found on Tumblr)

This e.e. cummings poem



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