James and Aubrey's wedding.

February 17, 2012
I am sure that some of you follow James' blog "Bleubird Vintage" and have probably already seen her awesome wedding photos, but just in case you don't follow James (and you should!), here are some fantastic shots of her recent wedding. I've been a follower of James' for a while now and seeing her wedding, seeing how happy she and James and their kids are, seeing all the personal wedding touches- it was all just amazing. Brooke Schwab was their amazing wedding photographer- check out both of James posts, here and here, for A LOT more wedding photos!

Here is a sneak peak of their wedding video too, that is worth checking out (it's only 44 seconds long):
James and Aubrey Sneep Peep from Geoff Boothby / Landshark on Vimeo.


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