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January 27, 2012

Another Friday is upon us and today I bring you some love-inspired links and images in honor of Valentine's Day that is quickly approaching. Mike and I don't personally celebrate Valentine's Day but I still love all the cute, mushy things that the holiday brings. 

Artwork by Coulson Macleod


 These cute Valentines Day cards from Amy Marcella (via Design Sponge)

This wedding in Italy (via A Cup of Jo)


The Old Loves Tumblr (via Miss Moss)


These really cute Valentine's Day cards from Rifle Paper Co. (via Design Sponge)


This wooden sign from William Dohman

This arrow ring from MijuAndYou


 This Love Struck tattoo flash by Olivia Britz


These arrow earrings from Melanie Favreau


This cute embroidered couples portrait from Cara Carmina


This simple yet beautiful Tuscan wedding (via A Cup of Jo)


This illustration (found via Tumblr)


 This illustration (I wish I knew the original source! I love this one!)


(image found via Tumblr)

"Is this love" by Bob Marley


(image found via Tumblr)

This quote from Dreams for an Insomniac 


(image found via Tumblr)


 Carl and Ellie from "Up" will always be my favorite. 


"Noticed" by Mute Math. This is one of the first songs that became one of "our" songs when Mike and I started dating. He was leaving for a trip and told me to listen to this song and read the lyrics. He said he'd been wanting to share this song with me for quite some time but held back until we were officially a couple. This song still gives me goosebumps when I hear it. "All this time oblivious to what you make so obvious. I can't believe I never noticed my heart before..."

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  1. That "Lovestruck" tattoo flash is by my friend Craig's girlfriend! Just another reason to come visit Portland, Kerry!


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