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January 20, 2012

Happy Friday! This week seemed to fly by for me, with work, family and friends. I have a nice weekend ahead of me, starting with a NASCAR event with Mike's parents tonight. Tomorrow we have a wedding to attend, which Mike is one of the groomsmen and I can't wait to see him in his tux! I don't think we have plans for Sunday but I am hoping we don't sleep in too long and can make it out to the farmer's market. I am sure that at some point, Mike will want to take Riley to the dog park too. What do you have planned for the weekend?

I've been a huge fan of Rachel Bilson for years, thanks to The O.C.- she's so cute and funny and adorable and just likeable! This new video from Funny or Die is hilarious!! It's in response to the critics, talking shit about her new show. I've definitely renewed my girl crush on Rachel after this. Brilliant! "Summer Roberts back up on the track again! Peace'd up out the O.C., Ben and Brody- deuces!!!!"


DIY Missoni inspired nails (via the Beauty Department)

Artwork by Cassandra Warren

This hilarious wedding video, where the groom is doing a choreographed dance to Justin Beiber's "Baby"- so worth watching! I can totally picture Mike doing something similar at our wedding, but of course to Lil Wayne, not Beiber. (via Spookular

This darling little lakeside cabin (via Spookular)

This great double-sided sleep mask for when you're on an airplane- this would be perfect for Mike, who pretty much falls asleep on a plane before it even takes off (via Swiss Miss)

This adorable Lady and the Tramp themed engagement photo shoot- can't you picture Mike and I doing something this cheesy with Riley?


This cozy little attic nook/bedroom (image found on Tumblr)

Words to live by (via Pinterest)

These moleskine pages (remember when I used to do my collages and mixed media moleskin art?)


This print (image found via Tumblr)

This installation piece by Farhad Moshiri 

"All you need is love...and a dog" (found via Tumblr)


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