10 things Tuesday!

January 3, 2012


  1. didja know that smell is the only sense that does not go through any other systems before it enters the brain? that's why smell can trigger some of the most vivid memories, because it hasn't been diluted before it reaches your sensory receptors! /random fact for ya that i remember from one of my courses haha

  2. just reading this post made me sneeze (or was that my cold). since i have lovely allergies perfumes usually bother me in the mornings... but i can deal a bit in the evenings...

  3. i hate to admit this but i wear britney spears circus! it has become my favorite scent to wear ... and i get stopped in the street and asked what i'm wearing all the time! people can't believe it. hahaha. i love perfumes too - i have WAY too many!


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