Me, Riley and the golden hour.

December 21, 2012

I had Mike take these yesterday, since the ones he took last week, I thought my hair looked bad (yes, I'm that vain). Plus I also wanted to take advantage of me being home during the day and being able to take photos during the golden hour. I must say, he did a great job, didn't he? I will never get sick of taking pictures with Riley. It's not always easy (because she can get a little crazy) but I am obsessed with her, and obsessed with taking pictures with her!


December 13, 2012
Her face here is classic: "Is she really making me take this picture??"

She looks like she's laughing here, I love this shot. 

I asked Mike to take these pictures today. I wanted pictures of me hugging Riley...but they didn't quite turn out how I envisioned in my head (in part due to Riley not wanting to sit still). 

This is my favorite shot; Mama hugging her Loopy. (but please ignore my awful roots! This angle is terrible for my hair LOL. I need to touch up my highlights badly!)


Loving: Christmastime. As hectic and stressful as the Christmas season can be, I am loving it just the same. I love that I see Christmas decorations everywhere I look: home, work, the streets, stores, etc. I love driving around at night and being able to see the pretty Christmas lights everywhere. I love the Christmas wreath hanging on the door of my department's office suite, because it means I get to smell that delicious Christmas tree smell all day long at work. I love the smell of the Bath & Body Works "Fresh Balsam" candle that smells exactly like Christmas trees that they release every winter and that I constantly burn every year through all of December and January. 

Thinking about: all of the Christmas shopping that still needs to get done and mainly my biggest and most important gift- Mike's present! (Well his "main" present anyway- I always get him a few little trinkets and stocking-stuffers too). I still have quite a few presents to buy, a couple of which need to be mailed out. Thankfully some of the presents I need to get are gift cards, so I don't necessarily have to go to a bunch of stores- I can go to Walgreen's or Publix and buy a bunch of different gift cards there. I've already done some online shopping (yay Amazon and Sephora!) but there are a few things that I need to buy in person and not online. I am hoping to avoid actually having to go to a mall though- fingers crossed!

Watching: some Criminal Minds! Of course, right? I mean everyone knows about my crazy crush on Dr. Spencer Reid aka Matthew Gray Gubler! I DVR the old episodes of Criminal Minds that play practically daily on both the A&E and ION channels and I watch them at night, when I'm home from work. I never even started watching this show until maybe 2 years ago, maybe even more recently than that. I instantly got hooked and now both Mike and I are kind of obsessed with watching it. We even joke about naming our next dog (Riley's future brother or sister) Penelope or Morgan or Gideon, after the show characters.

Working on: so much! I am simultaneously editing pictures for a client- a holiday/family photo shoot that I had this past weekend; working on a business card design for a client; working on a baby shower invitation design for a friend; editing photos of an event for work that I shot; and finally- editing photos of Art Basel from this past weekend. Basically I am practically glued to my computer from now until the end of the year.

Eating: lots of yummy (and fattening lol) deliciousness! I fixed us up some yummy grilled cheese sandwiches paired with tomato soup, for dinner tonight. I've always loved the grilled cheese/tomato soup combo. It's comforting, simple and pretty yummy. According to Mike, I make the BOMB grilled cheese- the best he's ever had! ;) And because I'm also in the mood for dessert, I think I'll have some Italian Ice in a bit!

Wishing: that I'll get something that I've been secretly wishing for, for Christmas this year. Actually, there are 2 or 3 things I've secretly been wishing for, so I would be happy with any of the 3 things. I guess we'll have to wait for Christmas morning to see if I get my wish. 

Making me happy: as always, Riley and  Mike. I couldn't be happier or more in love with my little family. Every single day Mike does something to remind me how lucky I am, how loved I am and how beautiful I am. He's truly an amazing partner and also a fantastic papa to Riley. And then there is my baby girl. Every day she does something to make me laugh, to make me smile and to make me feel good. You can't help but always have a smile on your face whenever Riley is around. The two of them put together are the best company that I could ever ask for and one of my absolute favorite things is when I get to cuddle both of them at them same time :)

Thanks as always to Danielle, for the idea and inspiration behind the "Currently..." posts!

HAWAII, day 5 & 6.

December 6, 2012
Today I bring you days 5 and 6 of our Hawaiian adventure. Unfortunately, I don't have much to report for day 5. I spent most of the previous night and that whole day in bed, nursing a migraine. We spent all day in our room and only ventured out for dinner (which was very delicious Thai food). Day 6 we spent exploring the North Shore of Oahu, known for it's surfing.

Since we didn't leave our room, aside from going to dinner, all I have to share are photos I took of the sunset, from our balcony:

We got a good night's sleep and woke up early and headed out for a drive, to explore the North Shore.

That island behind me is called "Chinaman's Hat Island."

This next stop is what became our favorite beach in all of Oahu- Hukilau Beach.

It was so beautiful there. Very peaceful and quiet and not many people around at all.

We left the Hukilau Beach and continued along our drive around the North Shore...

While we continued our drive around the North Shore, we drove past this home, that we just had to get out and look at. It was absolutely gorgeous, with of course, a wonderful view.

While still driving around the North Shore, we came upon the famous beaches that the surfers hang out at the most. We actually were there in the midst of a surfing competition.

After we watched the surfers for a bit, we continued along with our drive and stopped to get some delicious shaved ice. It was so yummy and refreshing on that hot day!

After our shaved ice treat, we decided to head back to our favorite beach of the day- the Hukilau, and hang out, relax and go for a swim.

After our day at the North Shore, we showered and headed over to "our beach" at Ala Moana Beach to watch our last Hawaiian sunset of the trip.

Mike was off exploring, and I was just hoping that he wouldn't get hit by any huge waves!

This is what Mike picked off the rocks...very weird!

The sunsets in Hawaii are definitely beautiful. I was so glad we got to see as many as we did. We even recorded this last sunset too!

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