Love this!

September 30, 2011

Happy Friday! I can't believe this is the last Friday in September. Now that we'll be officially in October tomorrow, I think that means it's time for Halloween decorations, don't you? I know what I'll be doing for part of my weekend! And as always, here are a few of my favorite things this week:

This amazing Tumblr: Celebrities and their dogs. How can you not love that?! As both a dog lover and celebrity obsessed, this Tumblr is right up my alley!

This great Etsy store, abeanpie, selling "Brooklyn Merit Badges" like the hilarious "Walk of Shame" and "Drunk Texting." (via Regretsy)

A sneak peek of Audrey Kawasaki's latest piece, being unveiled at the "In The Wake of Dreams" exhibit at Thinkspace Gallery next week. (via Audrey Kawasaki)

This amazing Polaroid portrait of Johnny Depp by Polaroid artist Maurizio Galimberti. I adore his work and I dream of having access to that much Polaroid film!

This beautiful place right here- doesn't it look perfect? I wish I knew where this was at! (Image found via Tumblr)

Remember when...

September 29, 2011
devoid. 4am.

its the little things. one day.

Remember when I used to make altered-Polaroids?

faith. love is a FEELING, not a decision.

if only i had eight arms to hold you with. my heart is in this.

Remember when I used to be obsessed
with making moleskin collages?

feathers. limoncello in the afternoon.

polaroid 455. antique keys.

red string of destiny.

polaroid 402. (this is what photography at 70mph looks like.) polaroid 104.

Remember when I used to shoot Polaroids all the time?

Shepard Fairey.




four faces.

glasses. monkey!

Remember when I used to live for taking pictures of graffiti?




a flock of seagulls, literally.

the sun, creeping out.

Remember when I used to drag myself
out to South Beach to photograph sunrises?

Remember when I used to be creative? I don't. It's been so long since I've felt any semblance of creativity. I used to feel like creativity oozed from my pores. Everything I created always came natural to me. Every single collage I put together just flowed from within me. Every single photograph and Polaroid I shot came 100% naturally to me. I always felt a desire to photograph and create. I needed to create. I was driven to create. I wanted to create. I didn't feel like myself unless a camera was in my hand, constantly shooting. Even without a camera, I always used to feel like my mind was constantly taking mental pictures of every aspect of my life, always taking mental pictures and notes for things to create later. My mind was constantly overflowing with ideas for photos and Polaroids and collages that I wanted to create. And then one day, without warning it all stopped.

What changed in my life to make it all stop?? I simply fell in love with my soul mate. Could it be that my desire to create was taken away because for the first time in my life, my heart was full and happy and satisfied? Could it be that I was/am only capable of being creative when my heart is not at peace and only when full of torment? This is the only reason I can think of for my utter lack of creativity. If this is not the reason, then what is it?

What is causing my complete lack of desire, motivation or ambition to create? What is causing this awful rut? It's been about two years since I've felt any creative or artistic feelings. I miss the internal drive to want and need to be artistic. It's like everything about me that was ever artsy has suddenly disappeared. Is this what writers block feels like? Is this what it feels like when a writer stares at an empty page? Is this what it feels like when a composer can't think of another note or lyric? Is this what it feels like when a painter can do nothing more than stare at an empty canvas? Whatever this is, I don't like it and I wish I knew what to do to change it.

I want to create again. I want to remember what it's like to be creative again.

Love this!

September 23, 2011

Happy Friday everyone! After this, we've only got one more Friday left in September. I can't believe it's almost October! Here are a few of my favorite things I've found online this week:

This print from letterhappy on Etsy

This awesome "bed" (image found on Tumblr)- wouldn't it be great to have hung up on your back porch, for relaxing on breezy, sunny days?

This beautiful wall paper from Abigail Edwards (via Design*Sponge)- I would love to have this wallpaper somewhere in my house. I adore the pattern!

Paddle boarding on a beautiful beach somewhere (image found on Tumblr)- I would love to try something like this, but unfortunately I am notoriously clumsy and have zero balance so I am pretty sure I'd never be able to stand up like this and paddle without falling off!

This feather print from abigailturner on Etsy; I collect feathers and I find this print to be so gorgeous! I hope to add it to my collection one day.

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