Foggy Tuesday.

January 11, 2011
Fog is a rare occurrence in Miami and when I saw all the beautiful fog during my drive to work this morning, I couldn't resist snapping a few photographs along the way.

Foggy morning.
This was taken right down the street from my house. There used to be railroad tracks there, but trains stopped coming through long ago and the tracks taken up. I love the look of the horizon disappearing into the fog.

Foggy morning.
This was taken in Tropical Park; I drive past this park every day on my commute. This is my favorite shot of the bunch. The ethereal, dreamy aspect of the shot is great!

Foggy morning.
I loved that the park lake was barely visible.

Foggy morning.
Believe it or not, there is a lake directly behind that tree. I love that the fog is so dense here, that the lake is nonexistent.

Happy New Year- SPREAD LOVE!

January 6, 2011
In honor of the new year (and just in time for Valentine's Day) I've added a few new things to both of my Etsy stores!

In my KerryAndHerCamera store, I have added a new Polaroid print plus 3 original Polaroid photographs:

In my SugarfootPress etsy shop, I added 2 new items, that I've never had in my shop before. I now offer custom, personalized silhouette prints and a print of a Ball mason jar:

Check out my Etsy stores- my Polaroids and prints are perfect Valentine's Day gifts!
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