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December 23, 2011

I can't believe that Christmas is upon us once again. I feel so unprepared for Christmas this year. I just did a lot of my holiday shopping just last night! I did do a lot of online shopping this year (gotta love Etsy!) but unfortunately, I am going to have to hit one more place today and finish up with a couple gift cards that I still need to get. Anyway, here are some great things I found online this week to share with you all:

This watercolor by Samantha Hahn

These really cute wood grain wallets and pouches from QuietDoing's Etsy shop. You know me- I'm a sucker for anything wood grain! There are different styles- with cameras, sugar skulls and lots of other cute things.

These pieces by Sara Ford

Mastin Studio - Shooting with Film from Mastin Studio on Vimeo.

This great video about why film photography means so much to this photographer. You all should really watch this! (via Kirk Mastin) "Film has soul. Film has feeling. Digital has it’s purpose but film satisfies me. That is why I shoot film at every wedding to create timeless photos for each couple."

Art by Gustavo Rimada

This metal SX-70 camera replica from Ghana and the Impossible Project; I am so tempted to buy this to add to my camera collection

These gorgeous pictures of Dakota and Elle Fanning, for the December 2011 issue of W magazine

Typography by Kyle Letendre

The "Shit Black Girls Say" video parody, of the "Shit Girls Say" video (both are hilarious!!)

This "No words needed" print from sparklehen's Etsy store (I definitely plan to add this to my collection soon)

This graffiti, found on Tumblr

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