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December 16, 2011

TGIF! I feel like this week has been especially long and has dragged on so slowly, but that could be because of the "food poisoning v. 2" I had to deal with this week. I got food poisoning on Monday night/all day Tuesday and I haven't felt right since. That being said, I still was able to find lots of awesomeness on the internet to share with you!

This photograph by Sam Cannon

This image/graphic found on Tumblr, because I am still obsessed with Niggas In Paris/Watch the Throne

This Tree of Life print- isn't it gorgeous?

These pillow cases, even though they're over-priced (these would be pretty easy to DIY, don't you think?)

This amazing photograph of Senganmon Rock Gate in Japan, by nextBlessing on Flickr

This necklace is definitely something I want now- a lower spine and pelvis: AKA the two body parts that plague my life with daily pain! Seriously though, I love this and it's so fitting for me! (via Moon Raven Designs)

These gorgeous travel themed pennant necklaces from RandPapelJewelry's Etsy shop; these are so lovely! I'd love one that says Venice (of course) or even Miami because I love where I live.

How cute are these rings from The Harbinger Co?

Don't these photographs of Paris at night fill you with an immediate sense of wanderlust? (via Abi Porter at Vanilla and Lace)

This long hair and bangs I saw on Pinterest- I miss my hair being longer and I wish my hair would grow faster! I take vitamins and drink lots of water but my hair seems to grow so slow.

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  1. Sorry to hear you got food poisoning :( That's no fun at all. Man, I would love to have her hair!!! It's gorgeous. I repinned it + started following you on pinterest :)


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