Pet peeves.

November 16, 2011

I seem to have lots of pet peeves. I guess that makes me a cranky lady that gets annoyed easily? What are some of your pet peeves?
  • When people wear really ill-fitting body jewelry, especially on their face. Seriously people, consider diameter size when you're buying jewelry! Don't you realize how ridiculous you look?
  • When you're at the movies and the whole theater is basically empty and people come in and sit RIGHT NEXT TO YOU. Personal space people, come on!
  • When complete strangers come up to me and touch/feel on my arms/tattoos. Gross. I don't know you and really do not want your cooties.
  • When people don't let you get off the elevator and push their way on, while you're trying to get out.
  • When you say "bless you," "gesundheit," or "salud" to someone when they sneeze and they don't say "thank you" or anything else back.
  • When people automatically pull the race card if something goes wrong in their life. Maybe your life just sucks?? Why does it have to be about race?
  • When people complain over and over again about being broke/never having money, yet they are the first to rush out and get new clothes/new electronics/a new tattoo. Bitch please!
  • When people take babies to the movies and then let them cry through the whole thing. Look, I understand that you just HAD to come to the movies, but did you really have to bring your baby? And did you really have to sit there and let your baby cry through the whole thing?
  • When people don't pick up after their dogs at the park or beach. How hard is it to pick up your dogs poop? Yeah it's not fun but be considerate of others! I pick up my dog's poop all the time and wish others had the same courtesy.
  • When people automatically start speaking to me in Spanish. Yes I live in Miami and yes I DO speak Spanish, but do not assume that I do!
  • When people eavesdrop and then butt into your conversation.
  • When people don't use their turn signals.
  • When the printer runs out of paper and no one bothers to refill it.
  • When people start honking the millisecond that the traffic light turned green. Give someone a chance to hit the gas pedal!
  • When websites make you enter a CAPTCHA for every little thing.
  • When people take up the whole aisle at the grocery store and you can't get around them.


  1. haha that quote explained me today perfect!!! lol. classic

    I saw that you commented on Cup of Jo's giveaway for the necklace...I am doing a similar one & I think you would love it! Come check it out...


  2. i think over time we all become that cranky lady... i'm totally in that group too LOL


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