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October 7, 2011

Happy Friday! I trolled around the internet this week and here are a few of my favorite things I saw this week:

The Nightmares Fear Factory's Flickr feed. It's HILARIOUS. Please go have a look for yourselves! One of the "scariest haunted houses in North America" has set up a camera and Flickr page to capture peoples reactions while being scared- brilliant!

This great video of David Beckham on the Ellen Show, pranking people in a Target store. I love David Beckham so this is extra great for me!

This darling little canal in Amsterdam. It reminds me of being in Venice. I wouldn't mind a trip to Amsterdam right about now.

This great cartoon by Zac Gorman. He's pretty on point with this!

These two secrets via Post Secret (which I believe were created using the new Post Secret iPhone app).

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  1. i love the post secret app. :) i saw those secrets when they first hit the screen. lol


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