Farmers Market.

October 31, 2011

Last year (thanks to my sister Marissa) I developed quite the obsession with going to the farmer's market. I enjoyed it so much that I got Mike hooked on it as well, and before you knew it, he and I were going to 2 different farmer's markets every weekend (sometimes even 3). He loved going to pick out fresh veggies and herbs for dinner and I loved going to photograph all the different stands and also pig out on the freshly popped kettle corn. I fell in love with taking Polaroids of all the different vegetables and getting shots of all the gorgeous colors. It was a sad day in April last year, when the season ended here in Miami and we stopped going. Much to my delight, farmer's market season is upon us again! This past Sunday Mike and I (with Riley in tow of course) made the first trip of the season to our favorite market. In our opinion, the best farmer's market near us is the Pinecrest Gardens Farmer's Market, located at the Pinecrest Gardens. We want to include Riley in our weekly ritual, so we decided to bring her with us this time (while the market is not super busy) to get her used to it/the people/etc. Needless to say she did great and I can't wait to bring her with us every week! I unfortunately did not bring my camera(s) with me this trip- it was quite the overcast day, so I didn't get to take any photos, just a few iPhone shots. I can't wait till next weekend though- I will definitely have my Polaroid camera with me!

Here are some of my favorite Polaroids from last season:


Squash & eggplant.

red onions.

smoked eggs.

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