Daytona Beach.

October 25, 2011
This past weekend Mike and I took a family trip to Daytona Beach, of course with Riley in tow, to celebrate my 35th birthday. We had a very calm, relaxing weekend, enjoying the outdoors and taking advantage of the cooler weather. Daytona Beach is a very quiet, laid back town, with honestly not much to do (unless you happen to be there for a race of course) so we mostly played at the beach with Riley. Riley had a great time on her first vacation and aside from the long 4 hour car ride, I think she had a blast ;) I took about a million pictures of her on the beach and here are my favorite shots:

I love her floppy ears!
Her floppy ears were going crazy in all the wind. I loved it!


Chasing birds for the first time!
And then she saw the seagulls and went nuts chasing them- it was great!

The two loves of my life.
I love the reflections of Mike and Riley on the water.

Watching the sun go down.

One of my favorite shots.
I love this shot of Riley.

Ponce Inlet lighthouse.
On our second day there, we drove to the Ponce Inlet lighthouse to check out the dog beach for Riley.

With papa.
The Ponce Inlet lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in Florida.

Walking with papa.

As soon as we got to the beach, Riley paid no mind to the cold water and jumped right in!

I love catching Riley "in action"- she is so funny!

With papa.

My two loves.
Riley played her little heart out that day. She has such a good time whenever she's at the beach.

Cuddles with mama.
And at the end of the day, it was time to cuddle with mama.

Hope you enjoyed my Riley photo overload!


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