35 things.

October 18, 2011

My birthday is on Thursday and I wanted to do something significant this year, to commemorate turning 35 years old and to hopefully ease the "pain" of getting older ;) I came up with a list of things I want to accomplish this next year, before I reach my next birthday. Initially this list grew to 55 items but I decided to pare it down to just 35 things, one for each year. I plan to post my accomplishments as they happen, so please keep checking up on me and my list!

1. Have a spa day: facial, massage, the works
2. Learn to be more of a positive person, especially stopping the “hating” that I do
3. Road trip with Mike and Riley, to somewhere we’ve never been before
4. Re-launch my Etsy store and make a commitment to be more of an active seller
5. Go camping on the beach
6. Build a fort in my living room
7. Start saving for a trip to Italy (Venice!) with Mike
8. Majorly clean and purge my closet and donate everything to Goodwill
9. Making walking an every-day habit and make a true commitment to it
10. Make a habit of blogging at least twice a week
11. Start saving for my dream camera (a Leica naturally)
12. Plant one or both: a rose bush and a jasmine bush/tree in my front yard
13. Print out more of my photos- I don’t do that often enough
14. Watch a full sunrise; from darkness > dawn > sunrise
15. Participate in a fund-raising walk
16. Visit an art museum and spend the entire day there
17. Explore more of Florida
18. Learn to cook at least 3 new meals (tom-kha-gai perhaps?)
19. Visit another state
20. Get rid of as much debt as possible
21. Do something about my current work/job situation
22. Talk a walk through the pouring rain
23. Take more pictures- with something other than my iPhone
24. Use my film cameras more often (Diana Mini, especially)
25. Go on a picnic
26. Become a healthier person, physically, emotionally, mentally
27. De-clutter my office
28. Visit the Farmer’s Market every weekend this season
29. See snow again
30. Stop using/saying the word “like” so much
31. Plan a really great surprise for someone else
32. Learn to make a cinemagraph
33. Finally invest in a pair of prescription sunglasses (been wanting some for at least 15 years)
34. Get some of my Polaroids printed at a really large scale (at least 12”x12”)
35. Learn to love myself more


  1. i tried to comment this once...lol

    walking in pouring rain...not so much fun. honest. lol

    list sounds good! i should make one for me. i have 6 months to think. :)

  2. i tried to do this for my 30th bday, but never did. maybe I can do it this year, and get to some stuff before 33 next year (EEK!)

    btw, you know if you need help with Etsy i'm totally your girl. they changed up some things, but i think i'm getting the hang of it.

    and prescription sunglasses, best thing EVER! i'm thinking of getting another pair.

  3. love it! I hope you stick thru them! I agree prescriptions sunglasses make u wear them more.. or those transition ones..that's what i have. walking in pouring rain, sounds beeter and looks better in movies than it actually is! LOL feel free to plan me a surprise! :) xoxo
    ~ michelle

  4. This is a fantastic list and totally achievable. You should print it out and put it somewhere you can see it every day, to serve as a reminder.

  5. Fun list! You will LOVE the prescription sunglasses. I don't know how I ever lived without mine. :)


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