New tattoo ideas.

September 14, 2011

To those that know me, it's no secret that I am seriously obsessed with tattoos- OB-SESSED!! I have dozens of tattoos blogs that I follow religiously and hundreds of tattoo inspiration photos saved on my hard drive. I can't get enough of looking at tattoos- the more the better. I love finding new artist blogs to read and new Tumblr tattoo blogs to follow.

With my 35th (!!) birthday soon approaching, I've been thinking about getting a new tattoo/tattoos to add to my ever-growing collection. For a long time, I've had a fascination with finger tattoos and hand tattoos. I especially love the placement of tattoos on the side of the hand. Because I already have three finger tattoos (and am always wanting more), I think I will see about adding a few things to my other fingers and possibly getting something on the sides of my hands.

My biggest issue and the decision I struggle with, is deciding on a phrase to go on the sides of my hands. I definitely want a two-word phrase, I know that much. For a while, I liked the idea of the phrase "Better Together," which is lyrics from a song that holds a special spot in my heart. Aside from that, I also enjoy the idea of something timeless and classic like "Puro Amor" or "True Love" but then most recently the phrase "Love Madly" popped in my head and that is currently the front-runner. That being said, I still can't decide what kind/style of text I want to use-- that is as an important decision as the phrase itself! And as for my fingers, I'd be happy just covering them in more text and/or little doodles! I guess that sounds a little silly, but honestly, why not have some fun?

Examples of the placement I like, for the sides of the hands:

(photos found on Tumblr and BMEzine)

Do any of you have finger or hand tattoos?? Any plans for some?? Let's discuss!


  1. ya know kerry, if i ever tattooed the sides of my hands i'd do "army wife". i mean its been a huge part of my life, 13 years and counting. (i just realized i've been with kevin for 1/2 my life. lol) only thing holding me back is remembering the swelling of my hands when i got my knuckles done. ouchie! but thats not to say that i wont do it in near future. i know bam margera did it (ugh), but maybe "book worm". my mom says i was a huge fan of books before i could read and i always have a book i'm reading. sometimes 2. lol

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