Giving back.

September 18, 2011
It's no secret that I am a beach lover. No I am not the tanning type- I am the "this is so relaxing and perfect" type. I could spend hours upon hours relaxing and lounging at the beach- under the cover of my SPF enhanced tent and umbrella of course. I love living in Miami and am so grateful that I am always 20 minutes away from the ocean. The beach, either day or night, is one of my favorite places to be.

About a month ago, my sister approached our family about taking part in a Florida Coastal Cleanup day, where volunteers clean up the beaches and parks all over the state. I did not hesitate to take part- how could I not want to give back to the ocean and beaches that I love?

Yesterday my family and I, along with 400+ other volunteers, cleaned up Matheson Hammock Park and Beach. It felt really good to help out but at the same time, it was so sad. The amount of trash and debris all over the beaches and coast is depressing and shocking. There was "normal" debris, like fishing line, boat ropes and other nautical type of waste, but then the man-made waste- that just broke my heart. As part of the cleanup, we actually had to keep a running tally of what trash we collected. We picked up no less than 81 plastic bottle caps, at least 50 plastic straws, 5 cigarette lighters, food wrappers galore- you name it, we found it. It was so sad to see how extremely lazy and careless people can be. There are garbage bins all over the beaches and park- how hard is it to walk a few feet and throw your Starbucks cups and straws away? That being said, it felt really good to do my part and help clean up the beaches just a little bit. I will definitely be taking part in something like this again!

I highly recommend volunteering to clean up your city, beaches, parks, etc.-it's good for the soul!! Give back to that which gives so much- you wont regret it!

This was my view during the cleanup. How could you not love being out there?

After the cleanup: hot and sweaty but happy!


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