An anniversary dinner.

August 11, 2011
Last night Mike and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. This year we wanted to keep it low key and simple, so we opted to treat ourselves to a nice dinner. M is Facebook friends with a popular Miami chef and for at least a year, he's raved on and on about how delicious her food always looks, on her Facebook posts. When we were thinking about where to treat ourselves for our anniversary dinner, it was an obvious choice to go with Chef Adrianne's and see if the Facebook photos lived up to the hype.

Chef Adrianne's is located in a very unassuming West Kendall strip mall. So unassuming in fact, that we drove right past it on our first go around! Her restaurant is known as a wine bar/vineyard restaurant, inspired by Napa Valley. She is also known for her "maximum flavor" theme throughout her dishes. Upon arrival, I immediately loved the dark lighting and upscale yet comfortable decor. We were seated in one of their large banquettes and immediately started pouring over the menu. I had already looked through the menu online before but I couldn't resist reading over it again and again. The hardest part of the evening was deciding which of her amazing-sounding dishes to choose from, though I am positive no matter what I would have ordered, it would have all been perfect. After hearing the waitress describe the daily creations not listed on the menu, M and I placed our orders. We decided on the pan-fried calimari as an appetizer and I chose the wild Alaskan salmon with a brown sugar crust, while he decided on the black Angus fillet mignon.

Pan-fried calimari, with garlic butter, cherry peppers and scallions

Wild Alaskan salmon with a brown sugar crust, on a bed of roasted potatoes and spinach, with a chili aioli sauce

Harris Ranch Black Angus 12oz Fillet Mignon with a Cognac Dijon sauce on bed of spinach and mashed potatoes

Words cannot even begin to describe how delicious the food was. I could not do it justice by trying to describe how perfect and amazing and just WONDERFUL it all was. M described the best when he said "This is even better than the pictures!"

I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone in a heartbeat- you will not be disappointed. However, because it is (sadly) out of our normal price-range, we wont be able to come here as often as we'd like, but we WILL definitely be back! We had one of the best meals of our lives and an anniversary dinner we will never forget!


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