July 29, 2011
My whole life, as long as I can remember, there have always been dogs in my family. My family has always had a lot of pets around and we've always treated our pets like family and not just like animals. Now that I don't live at home anymore and live with my boyfriend Mike (and 2 cats), I've really missed the companionship of a dog. There's just something about coming home every day and seeing a wagging tail and a happy face! Ever since Mike and I moved in together, I've been begging him to get a dog and we've put it off and put it off, all the while I've been in contact with breeders in Florida. My dream dog for some time has been a Vizsla, a little-known breed of hunting dog. I first saw that breed of dog a few years ago while watching the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. I've always thought that they were beautiful dogs and I loved everything I read about them, their personality, etc. Last year, I started reaching out to Vizsla breeders and rescue groups in Florida but never had much luck. Out of the blue this past spring, I was contacted by a breeder who got my information from another breeder, because she heard I was interested in a Vizsla. Her dog was pregnant and wanted to know if I wanted a puppy! Did I want a puppy?!!! YES!! Of course I had to run it by the boyfriend and make sure it was okay, but I literally CRIED when I got the news of the puppy. Yes, I cried! You have no idea how much this puppy was wanted! After months of waiting, on May 14, 2011 the puppies were born. I was now the proud mama of a little girl Vizsla puppy that we named Riley.

Riley was ready to come home to us on July 9th, when she was 8 weeks old. Mike was out of town for work that day, so I made the 2 hour drive with my dad and my sister. I was a nervous wreck that morning and the drive to West Palm Beach seemed to take forever! I met the breeders and the puppies mom Alexandra and of course all of the puppies. They were all so precious and I honestly wished that I could have taken them all home with me! Her breeders (Lisa and Chuck) were amazing and so thoughtful and sent us home extremely prepared. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Riley has been home with us for 3 weeks now, and while it's been incredibly exhausting (having a puppy is a lot like having a baby in the house), Mike and I are so in love with her and so happy. Mike, who has never had a puppy before, is especially smitten and seeing him with her just melts my heart. I've never seen this side of him and it's honestly made me fall in love with him all over again. He's already talked about getting another dog in a year or two and how we should've gotten a puppy a lot sooner! It's definitely safe to say that Riley has changed our lives and for the better! We both look forward to vacations with her, trips to the beach, taking her fishing and just continuing to be a family together.

Here is our pretty girl, Riley:

crazy Riley!
She loves to have her tummy rubbed.

She also loves to chew on leaves and sticks in our backyard.

She is also a licker! She loves to give kisses.

My heart.
She loves to cuddle while she sleeps too.

First family Polaroid.
Our first family Polaroid!


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