August 20, 2010
Lonely Street.


it's been a long time since i've shot some "decent" polaroids. i really need to get out there and start shooting again, like i used too. i ordered some tz-artistic film from the impossible project yesterday. i am really looking forward to shooting with tz film for the first time. i am excited to try that film out and hopefully get a nice set of pictures.

i've also been on the hunt lately for new photo-blogs to look at for inspiration and ideas. i already follow a ton of different photographers in my blog reader, but i could always use a few more! any suggestions out there for me?

The Dandy Lion.

August 17, 2010

Katy, the co-owner of an exciting new shop in Indiana "the Dandy Lion" asked me if I would sell my Polaroid prints in her store. I gladly jumped at the chance and mailed her a stack of prints. The shop had its launch party and grand opening this past weekend and she posted pictures of the event on the shop blog. I was so tickled to see my Polaroid prints on display:

Please check out their blog for more photos and store information: http://thedandylionshop.blogspot.com


August 16, 2010



i've been lucky enough to have been able to spend an insane amount of time at the beach so far this summer, but with labor day fast approaching, the idea that summer is officially going to come to an end makes me sad. i am lucky enough to live in miami- where the weather permits me to be able to go to the beach year-round, but experience has taught me that soon the water will start getting colder and eventually become too cold to enjoy. that's what makes me sad- not being able to swim and float and enjoy lazy beach days until next year.
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