"Book It" art show.

June 20, 2010
my piece in the "Book It" art show.

tonight was the opening of the "book it" art show at pinkghost. (that up there is a close-up of my piece for the show.) a lot of the pieces there were really creative and interesting. it was cool to see what people created, having a hardcover book be their only criteria. i was happy with my submission and i hope that other people like it as well. these are some of my other favorites from the show (click for bigger):

"Book It" art show. "Book It" art show. "Book It" art show.


June 17, 2010

i took this shot over the weekend, while driving around looking for graffiti. i used to to shoot buildings/doors/windows/bits of architecture all the time. i miss that!! i need to make a conscious effort to get back into shooting like i used too.

i used to take pictures like these below, all the time:

IHOP. q4

BP Kills.

June 15, 2010

considering the crisis and disaster in the gulf right now, with apparently no end in sight, i thought this graffiti stencil i found was very appropriate!!


tentacles & suckers.

i saw this in the seafood case at whole foods over the weekend. as soon as i saw it, i reached for my point&shoot camera that i always keep in my purse and snapped this picture. i've been fascinated by octopuses for a while now. i think they're incredible creatures and i love their tentacles and little suckers! right after taking this shot, i was informed by the whole foods employee behind the counter that photography was not allowed. LAME!


June 14, 2010




i went driving around wynwood this weekend and got some good graffiti shots. it'd been a while since i'd been down there so it was nice to see some new murals and nice to see old ones still going strong. i will never tire of huge murals like these. good, talented art like this never ceases to amaze me!

You Are My Anchor.

June 12, 2010
a couple of days ago, thanks to a blog post by my friend danny brito, i found out about an open-call art show at pinkghost opening next week. NEXT WEEK! this group show is a bit different for me than the other group shows that i've been in before. this time i didn't do anything photography related and instead went the collage/mixed media route- something else that i also love. i also had two days to a) come up with an idea for the show and b) CREATE it! i'm always willing to participate in open art shows though- any exposure for my art is good exposure, no? anyway here is a sneak peek of my piece that i created. the show opens a week from today and i am excited to attend opening night and see everyone else's work!

You Are My Anchor.
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