Friday Favorites!

November 12, 2010

I majorly slacked on doing my Friday Favorites post last this week you get a double list ;)

1. Serena Malyon's tilt shift photographs of Van Gogh's paintings. (via Cup of Jo)

2. White Moth Jewelry (via Automatism)- they have a couple of different versions of necklaces with a number 5 on them, what's not to love?

3. Walter Helena's beautiful abstract photography. (via Automatism)

4. Jason Lee's creative childrens photography- using his own children! His flickr stream and article on My Modern Met are definitely worth looking at! (via My Modern Met)

5. His & Hers Photography. The Polaroid-duo of Whitney & Dave- check out their flickr and please read this article about them on Mocking Bird- you will be impressed!

6. Alli Coate's pretty illustrations. (via Sacred Lotus)

7. Levi Wedel's Invisible City photographs. There is a slight creepiness about his photos that really grabs me.(via Photo Donuts)

8. Pei-San Ng's matchstick art. It's amazing what he can do with simple matches! (via Neatorama)

9. SuperPipo's cute picture of talking a cloud for a walk! (via PhotoJojo)

10. The Kissssing Blog- full of sweet pictures of couples and quotes about love. (via A Cup of Jo)

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  1. Lovely curation! Thank you for finding me and including my work.



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