Friday Favorites!

September 17, 2010

1. reblogging the hell outta everything on tumblr. (my main tumblr, used for posting awesome internetz finds & reblogging things:

2. glowpinkstah's WHORIA shirt. if you've seen her youtube videos (which i really hope you have, if not- YOU MUST WATCH NOW), you'll know why this shirt RULES. (here is her amazing snooki tutorial video: & her slutty tutorial video, the inspiration for this tshirt: & the one that started it all, baby smiley:

3. these amazing cardboard cameras made by Kiel Johnson.

4. simple yet gorgeous colored/painted flatware by ladies & gentelman studio. i'd love to try and paint some thrifted spoons and decorate my kitchen with them. (thanks to my sister i've got a mini spoon collection already!)

5. bawk bawk bawk's amazing pictures from a trip to cinque terre, italy. these were posted weeks ago but i find myself continually coming back to the pictures. they not only make me want to go to cinque terre so so so bad, but they also remind me of my own floating in the ocean + feet pictures.


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